Angry Birds Epic RPG Guide

Angry Birds Epic Free RPG Adventure

Angry Birds Epic is one among the very popular game now. This game pits player’s team of birds which is custom built, from the Rovio franchise which is well knows and this should go against nefarious pigs.

This will take a fantasy showdown which is turn – based. Between the stages, players should craft weapons, armor, and even potions and these must be used for motley crew of angry birds.

There will be an array of highly special abilities and this is available both the teams, player and his opponents and this is something that makes this Angry Birds Epic RPG highly challenging.

This becomes more and more challenging as the player reaches higher stages.

Here are some tips for this game. If followed, these will help the players to move into next levels in the game.

Look for the prizes

One must understand that the core of this gameplay is definitely a strategic and turn- based combat game, there will be a dash of the casual gaming thrown as well in this Angry Birds Epic.

When it comes to harvest resources, player should hop into the game on regular basis. By doing this he can harvest the resources from nodes which he can unlock and this can be done throughout the progress.

Other thing is player can also do the mission with golden pig on daily basis and this will help in grabbing the gold pieces which is highly important.

Golden Anvil

Gold pieces must be used properly and they need well deserved situation to be used. Never use them for silly stuff such as gambling for loot, reviews, or on rerolling crafts especially when there are some permanent upgrades which must be saved.

There will be Golden Cauldron, Golden Anvil, and Golden Chili and it is no easy to choose which one first and which one next. Usually Golden Anvil is considered as best winning since it quality gear usually provides highly consistent and ongoing bonus which comes through improved crafted gear.

But this is not the case with Golden Cauldron since it simply offers more consumables and these can never be relied on. Even in case of Chili it definitely helps in starting off a mission and that too with a bang, but it doesn’t provide anything special after that.

One must understand that it is left to player’s personal choice and his personal play strategies, style but Anvil is the best.

Hitting a stone wall

It may happen that player is no three starred throughout his mission. It may also happen that in his recent game he is facing hard time. In that case, he should go back and look for some old missions.

Majority of the players will definitely have some challenge and it is possible to earn rewards through these. On the map, one must always look for treasure chests and try to explore on the nearby stages for winning if you do not want to use Angry Birds Epic hack to go for easy way.

In case if there is a chest that will be shown above prize wheel when the player taps. Player can also think of targeting stages which he have not managed in getting three stars.

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