How to master Boxing Star?

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Are you stuck at an arduous level of Boxing Star? And no matter whatever you do, you just cannot seem to bypass it? Do not worry, because we have got you one the trickiest yet facile cheats for Boxing Star in town.

Dodge to victory:

If you are a boxing fan, you must be pretty familiar of how the boxer starts with a defense strategy to get his competitor tired, and then changes into an attacking mode, as the round comes to an end. Similar is the case with the game, the best way to win a fight is by not getting hit in return, and you can do so by dodging.

The game offers three types of attacks: jab, hook and uppercut, and also a super move, involving loads of damage. The game also offers three defensive moves: dodge, block and clinch, moreover, your opponent as well as the same collection of move in his attack and defense, hence you need to make sure you’re paying attention.

Even though jabs may be almost impossible to predict, because they’re too much of a quick blow, sacrifices too much power for speed, yet you’ll still survive a few jabs. However, you need to keep a close eye on the rest of the attacks, which are relatively predictable thanks to the longer windups, and consider an action timely.

Once the opponent has successfully missed you, you can launch a counter attack, without any personal damage.

  • Keep an eye on the stamina:

Your acts being dodged may cost you stamina, hence be very sure of the moves you plan on taking. The more you lose your stamina, the slower your boxer becomes, and if it hits zero, you are nothing much than a sitting duck. Hence you must prevent such from happening.

It is okay if your opponent has dodged a move of yours, you may pull back for a while, and wait for your stamina to recover, before attacking again. However, if your stamina has dropped to very low levels, you can go for a clinch, which will buy you extra time to recover that extra loss of stamina.

A clinch will make you grab your opponent, preventing him from attacking you. However, you must use this defense, only when you can genuinely not find a way out.

  • Be strategic:

When attacking, don’t just randomly press all the types of attacks, instead, be strategic, and plan your moves. For instance, you can throw in a few consecutive jabs, and then suddenly throw a hook to shake up things, because the last thing you want is for your competitor to predict your movements.

  • Stuck? Grind:

In case, you seem not to be able to bypass that level, because of less experience, and none of the tricks work, you can always go back to an old level, and replay a few of them, in order to gain experience, level up, switch to another mode, and attack again.

Switching modes will help grind for equipment too because stages in the league mode help you gain packages full of money and equipment.

  • Elevate your level:

The best of all the benefits of leveling up is to get to unlock new things, upon reaching certain levels you may be surprised by new tools being unlocked, making you stronger, by gearing you up for the battle.

Whenever unlocking a new tool, do not forget to fill up the empty slot as soon as possible. And also, if you’re in a hurry to unlock some new tools, you can always opt for league battles.

  • Receive extra points:

Training, just like in practicality improves your skill set, helping you earn more skill points. You can undergo through 2 types of training;

  1. Intense training
  2. Extreme training

However, both of them cost you coins and gold bars respectively. Hence you need to have enough or save enough or use Boxing Star hack to go through some training. Also, you must know that training requires a lot of time; hence you may want to schedule one before logging out.

Now that you know a few basic cheats, you are ready to knock out that opponent of yours, who would not let you proceed further.