PUBG, temporary mode Tequila Sunrise guide: stats and strategy, all you need to know

PUBG for fishing

PUBG welcomes since Friday the temporary event mode, “Tequila Sunrise”. Probably inspired by its lighter competitor, Fortnite Battle Royale, Battlegrounds is now launching into the fun variants, a real breath of fresh air when you know the requirement gameplay BlueHole. The studio has unveiled the precise details of the changes that are made to the mode, find out what stats are changed by the developers and our tips after a few games.


  • The temporary mode Tequila Sunrise will stay online until Monday April 9th at 4am (Central European Time)
  • The mode is played in squad of four players: even if it is not optimal, it is better to leave the default option which assigns you to a group than to launch you in “1 man squad” if you want to play solo, seen the violence of the confrontations that waiting for you.
  • On European servers, the mode can be played in both 1st and 3rd person.

“Tequila Sunrise” mode: Loot

PUBG For Fishing 2

  • The only firearms available are the three shotguns of the game: the ancient S686, the acceptable S1897 and the precious and above all highly customizable S12K. It is the guns that you must try to obtain. Pump guns appear as many times as usual
  • Melee weapons appears as many times too. The interest is not so much to be able to more easily fight with the machete, but to increase your chances of obtaining the bat, the best melee weapon of the game by the defensive bonus that it grants you.
  • No other weapons will be available in game … However, you will find three times more ammunition of all types of firearms, which will only serve to clutter your inventory. If developers do not say anything about taking care, they seem mechanically more present, probably because of the “slots” released by the absence of weapons.
  • Side equipment, backpacks, armor and helmets 3th level will be three times more present: do not hope to headshot nobody on a misunderstanding past the middle of the game, once everyone is well equipped … To make room for them, 1st level equipment will be enough for the start.
  • The weapons accessories, will remain them, just as many: and for good reason, the S12K in particular, can equip different viewfinders! Even if the interest of equipping an 8x telescope on a shotgun remains limited.

“Tequila Sunrise” mode: gameplay

  • The battles are all held on Miramar, the desert map.
  • Air parcel drops are disabled, but not the red zone.
  • The circle of the first zone appears on the map as soon as the plane takes off, it is smaller and the deadly gas will start to invade the map after three minutes (countdown also started right after takeoff) instead of five minutes during normal games!
  • Two strategies are opposed, to choose according to the trajectory of the plane, the motivation of your team, the area selected by the game:


  1. Land in the area, if possible in a corner with enough buildings to equip your squad, praying that everyone did not make an appointment.
  2. Landing out of the area, carefully observing the roads to find a vehicle, start looting quickly with the latter outside the area, then, once equipped a minimum, go to the area.
  • In terms of fighting, the shotgun, it is hard to do in the lace, and especially to shoot at a distance (and yet many players still try the shot). The amount of damage inflicted really decreases substantially every meter of distance.
  • Corollary: every meter gained to get closer (if possible discreetly) to an opponent will greatly increase the chances of liquidating it. It is more interesting than ever to coordinate with his team: two that draw attention frontally, pulling at a good distance where the chances of inflicting or taking damage are slim, while two others get closer on the other side. To empty their charger at close range.
  • Specificity of the shotgun also: the players on the ground very easily cash the bullets widely dispersed of these weapons. The chances of getting up from an assault are very slim, so think about finishing the job as soon as you put someone down to avoid any unnecessary return to play by an opponent.