The Simpsons: Tapped Out for Fishing?


Hey guys, just found new game for fishing, few days ago I was fishing at the lake and found in Google Play this not new, but still good game “The Simpsons: Tapped out”.

The Fun World Under Your Control

Homer Simpson and every single inhabitant of Springfield are under the control of Tapped Out, a funny game based in the comedy show. Using nothing but the tip of a finger, move things and characters around, force them to interact the way you prefer and organize the town as you wish.

There is absolutely nothing that can’t be changed or controlled, providing complete freedom. Decide what each character should do, where they should go and whose life is going to improve or simply be destroyed by a sequence of strange and funny situations.

It’s Really The Simpsons

Instead of being satisfied with a copy or something that looks like the show, get to live their real daily life. Join Bart, Lisa, Homer, Marge and all their neighbors, friends and enemies. Identify scenes from the series and see how funny they could get, actually written and developed by the same people responsible for the show.

Their personalities, looks and actions are just as they are known. It’s really the best opportunity for real fans to interact with their favorite characters.

Customization for Fans

The city of Springfield is always an important mention at the show. Targeted for different things, such as government attacks or invasions, this town is a place to be and see funny turnarounds happen. Now, it’s possible to customize the entire town.

Don’t accept it just the way it is. Decide what is going to happen next, which buildings should be constructed or removed and expand this town to look just the way you want it to be.

Unlock creative content, add new stories to a boring day by allowing strange creatures – and even the Devil – to spend a day at Springfield, doing whatever they want. Literally almost anything can be added to the game, to make it more interesting, not only decoration for the town.

Find out what looks better on your characters, playing a quick dress-up mini game until finding something that fits them, as you are the boss in Tapped Out.

Homer is Counting on You

Life is getting too boring for Homer Simpson. He can’t endure his daily routine anymore and everyone is getting him stressed. Finally, he will have an attentive player taking good care of his life. Make Homer happy, giving him a break from the troubles with family and neighbors, and saving him whenever something freaky happens, even if it’s all his fault.

Filling Springfield is a Challenge

In order to provide enough reasons for people to keep playing, there should be some challenge. Managing the city and the life of your favorite main characters isn’t enough. To unlock new funny scenes and possibilities to the town, one should actually get away searching for The Simpsons Tapped Out hack on to achieve new characters. They are all known from the show and will be a nice addition to your collection of characters. Fill the streets with them, by achieving one at a time, with funny tasks and quests.

By completing these activities, one will earn money, necessary to pass on to the next building levels. It’s so addictive to keep on upgrading, that the grinding in this game is actually just another fun aspect of it.

Laughing is Guaranteed

Being almost impossible to watch the show without giving in to its humor, with everything happening at the same time that’s also for sure. Instead of a camera guiding to a different scene with limited characters at a time, control the view over all Springfield and find the funniest situations going on at the same time.

It’s like a live reality show, in which everyone participating may be doing something interesting that could be priceless. All the texts and occasions that are possible within this journey are originally from the authors, so every fan will be absolutely delighted with the situations they might seen in the game.

Download and start tapping to move the characters, to decide who and what they are about to face next and to make sure Homer Simpson will never have to work again.