Tips and tricks for Hungry Dragon

Hungry Dragon Tips

Earlier Hungry Shark game was very popular among the underwater terror fantasies available. There were a lot of fans followers for this game. Now, the same team has released one more, namely, Hungry Dragon with still more fantasies. The main task here is to take the flight when there exists a fire breadth dragon which is ready to munch anything which comes on its way.

This game should be played with proper tips and tricks which helps in burning down the giants, chowing the trolls, to find the treasure chests, and also follow the tips to discover new locations quickly. Let’s look into some of such Hungry Dragon cheats which help in winning.

Understand the Dragon types

There are varieties of lizards most of them are fire breathing in this game. These are categorized based on their sizes. When the player fills the upgrade meter for some dragon in front of him, one more will get unlocked. There will be dragons of all sizes like XL, L, M, S, and XS. In some of these size categories it is possible to get more than single Dragon type.

Once the player becomes the owner of one Dragon, he must be sure about study up on the number of pets it can equip along with what is edible for them, and what are the destructible objects which they can get. If the player wants to come across this type of information, they must just tap on icon “i” which will be there above the new dragon.

A menu will pop up by doing this and that will tell everything about and give the perfect breakdown of what that new dragon can do.

All about Load out and costumes

As the player starts flying in the air and starts terrorizing everything surrounded by him, he will definitely come across some collectible like egg. There will be Collaborative Quests and players can get some collectibles out of this as well.

Sometimes they are even gifted with eggs. Once the egg hatches, players are gifted with Pets. These Pets will be very cute and they come with special and unique boosters and abilities.


Pets in this game are categorized into few classes like food, speed, health, fire, score, unique, and Defense. As the player unlocks more and more dragons he will get the ability for equipping more and more pets. They can even get ability to mix and match these into different classes.

In case if the player wants to make the dragon as fire breathing which comes with good speed and HP, then player should collect Pet from Speed, health, and fire classes. Dragons always come with own costumes which is indication of their abilities.

Always complete the missions

Before the player hops into the new stage runs, he must always check for the current lineup of the missions which should be completed. When they finally hop into the game he may forget what the actual missions were, so they can pause the current game and look at them at the menu which pop ups.

Players must always try for completing 3 missions which come during their current stage. This will bring them all the required rewards.